Auspicious Bathing Date


S.No. Name of Festival Date / Day
1. Paush Poornima 13 January 2025
2. Makar Sankranti 14 January 2025
3. Mauni Amavasya 29 January 2025
4. Basant Panchami 3 February 2025
5. Achla Saptami 4 February 2025
6. Maghi Purnima 12 February 2025
7. Maha Shivratri 26 February 2025

Shahi Snan (Royal Bath)

Shahi Snan (Royal Bath) is the holy bath that is taken by the Saints of different Akharas (religious groups) in the sacred river before any other Hindu pilgrims. It is one of the rituals of the fair that the common people can take the bath in holy rivers; Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati confluence after the holy men in these akharas have taken a dip.

1st Shahi Snan: The Paush Purnima Snan, is a moment of intense spirituality and devotion. Falling on the full moon day of the Paush month, it holds immense significance, with devotees believing that a dip in the sacred waters purifies the soul.

2nd Shahi Snan: Makar Sankranti - This day is considered a particular delight because the sun enters the Tropic of Cancer and the days become longer and night short. They believed that on this day the doors of heaven from the earth open open and by taking a bath here, the soul gets liberation with ease.

3rd Shahi Snan: Paush Purnima - It is believed that taking holy dips on Paush Purnima at the banks of River Ganga and Yamuna can purify souls, relieve them from all sins and can attain Moksha(Salvation) after death. Many devotees firmly believed that God granted all their wishes.

4th Shahi Snan: (Main Royal Bath) Mauni Amavasya- Mauni Amavasya is believed to be the day when the universe was created, on the auspicious day the water in the holy river of Ganges turns nectar and also that the Gods resides in the holy water. A vow of complete silence is observed on this day known as Maun Vrat.

5th Shahi Snan: Basant Panchami- Basant Panchami marks the beginning of the spring season and is celebrated as the fifth day of Spring Season . It is also celebrated by worshipping Hindu Goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Saraswati. Hundreds of thousands of devout Hindus bathe at the Holy river to pay their respect.

6th Shahi Snan: Maghi Purnima - It is believed that taking holy dip on Maghi Purnima will cure diseases, solve all sorts of problems and relieve a person's sin.

7th Shahi Snan: Mahashivratri- It is the last day of the Kumbh Mela. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati on Mahashivratri.